Dad Hilariously Shuts Down Thirsty Idiot Who Asked For His Daughter’s Number On Facebook

Nowadays with instant messaging and texting you can get a whole host of potential creeps who take stalking to the next level in this new digital environment. You know the type. The one’s that are constantly hitting you up repeatedly, despite not responding back or making it clear that you are not interested.

Guys will get that thirst and start doing their massive messaging, hoping someone will respond. If they don’t then that should be that. It’s done, dude! But then there’s “those dudes.” The ones who persist and end up putting themselves in the “creep category.”

Here’s one such idiot. The thirst driven creep actually messages a girl’s dad, trying to get contact info on her by pretending he’s an ex.

The girl’s dad isn’t on the same idiot level as the dude though. Thankfully he’s go a sense of humor too, one in which we all get to enjoy! You have to check out how this whole thing goes down. Totally hilarious!

Unfortunately for this thirsty, grammatically deficient dude, this girl’s dad isn’t an idiot, and has a sense of humor.1 2

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