Daddy’s Little Girl is All Grown Up Since Her ‘First Date’ – And Now, There’s a New Man in Her Life

The brains behind last year’s viral video “The Best First Date” is at it again, but instead of telling a beautiful story about a father taking his young daughter on a date, the story is now of a father giving away his daughter on her wedding day.

Last year’s video garnered over 160 million views, launching all-things-fatherhood into the spotlight.

Aaron Dickson, the man behind the viral video and this year’s new video, says on his website:

“When over 160 million watched, shared, and messaged me about my first video, ‘The Best First Date,’ I knew fathers everywhere needed help connecting with their daughters.

Our children are aching for daddies who will put down their phones, disconnect from work to connect with them on their level, and spend quality time fostering a lifelong bond rooted in strength, love, and commitment.”

On his website, Dickson even offers “daughter-daddy date kits” to help fathers everywhere put down their cell phones and other distractions and start spending time with their children.

Enjoy this year’s video, which even comes with the disclaimer: “Tissues Required at 3:11 Mark!”

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!


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