Dad’s Driving His Neighbor’s Child Home When Phone Rings – He Takes Eyes Off The Road And Crashes

Im sure we’ve heard dozens of times before, to never text and drive. It’s a combination that’s proved deadly while on the road, leading to unwanted and unlawful crashes between civilians. We should never take our eyes off the road.

Whether it’s mentioned in your local newspaper ad or in the latest YouTube commercial, warnings to not text and drive can be found everywhere. This featured video is an advertisement that incredibly depicts the situation that can unfold while texting and driving. It’s a gut-wrenching video you have to watch.


The video begins with a father driving his daughter and her friends to school. They all seem to be having a great time. At the same time, his wife is at home, looking around the house for their dog. The dog is nowhere to be found. Troubled by the fact that the dog may have run away, the wife frantically calls her husband. While he is in the car, he sees the text messages and missed calls. But he does not pick up his phone, knowing that he has passengers in the back.


Once they arrive at school, the daughter and friends get out of the car, giving some leeway for the father to respond on his phone. On the phone, he and his wife express concern about where their dog is. He tells her not to worry, and that he’ll be home soon.


The video picks up intensity from here. While the father is driving home, suddenly appears a young boy in the back seat! The father is shocked. He asks the boy “Who are you(?)”. “I’m Justin. I live down the street(.)”, says the boy.


The two have a short conversation while in the car. Justin tells the father that he is a friend of his daughter. As their talk lengthens, the father’s phone rings. The mother is calling again to ask for the whereabouts of their dog. As he decides to answer the phone call or not, Justin asks him: “Are you going to pick up the phone(?)”. “No, not with kids in the car(.)”, the father says.

Then the boy disappears from the car and conversation, leaving the feather all by himself in the car. As the phone continues to ring, he decides to answer it. But when he does, he takes his eyes off the road, and unexpectedly about to hit the very boy (Justin) he saw in his car.


The video comes with a powerful message to viewers; don’t text and drive, ever. Even if there is no one in the car with you, you’re not just risking the lives of those in the car texting and driving. You’re also risking the lives of those outside the car.

Watch the video below.

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