Determined Teacher Finds Way For Student to Play the Drums Without Even Touching A Set

When Ethan Och’s Spinal Muscular Atrophy began to get worse, he started to feel as though he was lagging behind his bandmates, and that it was time to give up playing the drums in the high school band.

As reported by USA Today, Gina Christopherson, Ethan’s band teacher at Swanville High School couldn’t accept Ethan’s decision. 

She knew he could do more and she wanted to help him.

“I don’t believe in ‘I can’t’,” says Christopherson.

One day, while Ethan was playing with his smartphone, Christopherson got an idea to make him part of the band again.

Using the technology of his smartphone, she found a perfect app that recreates the sounds of the instruments Ethan plays.

“My first day digging through iTunes I downloaded 75 different apps,” she said.

Ethan can now play musical instruments with his fingers using an ipad that is connected to an amplifier. Ethan’s parents couldn’t be more grateful.

“You have those people that see barriers when they look at things, and those who see doors,” says Stephanie Och, Ethan’s mom.

Ethan showcased his newly found talents to everyone, marching with the band this season.

When it came time for the band trip to New York City, Christopherson would not let Ethan stay back.

Ethan’s family has created a Go Fund Me account to raise money in order for Ethan’s nurses to attend the school trip with him.

With the help of his teacher, Ethan is an example of there always being a way to follow your dreams.


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