Don’t Use Butter On Your Grilled Cheese! THIS Is So Much BETTER!


If you are into making grilled cheese sandwiches, then you know that butter is key in making the perfect end result.

Turns out, there’s actually a better way to do it!

While it may seem odd, you will want to definitely give this a try and see if you can notice the taste difference. For many, this method produces the absolute tastiest grill cheese sandwiches ever!

Alright, here we go. Rather than grabbing that butter, grab a jar of mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise! Even if you are not into mayo, you have to hang in there for this recipe because it’s a twist that you will probably make the exception for. It will not go inside the sandwich. It is simply for using on the outside of the dish as it is easier to spread than butter and it won’t burn off as easily. Really, mayo is just oil and eggs. When you cook with it, you get this amazing glaze on the bread which is best described as that awesome glazed outer layer of the perfect apple pie.

Seriously, give this a try as you will likely create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich! Even if you are not a big mayo fan, you will be able to enjoy this big time. Share this recipe with all of your foodie friends and family!


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