Driver’s Suspicions Go on High Alert When She Begins to Deliver Strange Amount of Packages to A Home

Thanks to an observant UPS driver, an alleged thief who preyed on the elderly woman she cared for will now have to face the

As The Blaze reports, Diane Larson drove the same route for UPS for decades, so it was only natural that she learned a little about the people she delivered to along the way.

When an elderly woman named Velva Stockton went from getting about four packages a year to ten a day, Larson took notice.

“She was getting stacks and stacks of stuff. It would be, ‘Amazon, really? She knows how to do Amazon, all of a sudden?’” Larson told KOMO News. “I knew something was not right.”

Larson followed her instincts and reported the dramatic increase to the police. After an investigation, authorities found that Stockton’s live-in caregiver, had been helping herself to her employer’s accounts, racking up more than $30,000 in purchases from Amazon, eBay, and more. There were even charges for Botox and weight loss procedures.

“A lady that has never been on a computer— how is she ordering and why is she ordering stuff?” Larson said to KOMO. “It didn’t take rocket science to figure out something’s wrong here.”

Police say that there were boxes crammed into Stockton’s closet, but the victim of the theft had no idea what was going on. She told the investigators that she never used a computer and that she saw no need to buy things as she was dying.ups2

Charges have been filed against the caretaker, and though Stockton has passed away, her family remains grateful to Larson for bringing attention to the theft.

One family member even stopped Larson in the street to hug and thank her— a moment that really resonated with the now-retired UPS driver.

“I was so glad I did the right thing, just because of that one moment,” Larson told KOMO News. “It brought me tears of joy, you know, that I knew I did the right thing.”


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