During The National Anthem This Athlete Took A Stand – Here’s Why It Went Instantly Viral

National Anthem protests have been featured in the media lately thanks to San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, for starting the protest to begin with. Many people have expressed concerns over this protest – some are for it and some are against it. Well, one high school student did something that reminds us all what we may have forgotten.1

When are they going to put an end to these disrespectful protests? The coverage that has been all over the media has been going on since Colin Kaepernick first started it all back in August. He refused to stand during the national anthem at a football game, because he believes there have been a lot of wrong-doings against African Americans lately. Ever since, other professional players and even students from schools have joined in on the movement as well. However, those that are against the overall protest clearly outnumber those who are for the it.

One high school football player from Orem, Utah, 16-year-old Carson Geddes, was caught on camera by one of his team’s coaches, Riley Jensen, doing something this nation needed to be reminded of. He was sitting in his wheelchair on the sideline of the game to support his team, recuperating from a recent double hernia surgery he had on both of his sides. While sitting there, the national anthem was about to come on. What he did next would have put Colin Kaepernick in his place.

Carson wanted to honor his country, so despite his body being in so much pain after his surgery, this respectful teen stood up during the national anthem at the game. He may have had to lean on his wheelchair for support, but he still stood proudly.


According to Fox 13, Carson explained the reasoning behind what he did was:

“I’m really patriotic…. that’s probably the main reason, just because I love my country and I really respect the people who fight to keep our country the way it is. And for our flag, so it’s just out of respect for those people. I just felt, it’s just what I do.”
Carson’s parents originally wanted Carson to stay home so he could rest during his recovery. Yet, Carson insisted on going to the game to show support for his teammates. His parents were not at all surprised to hear of their son’s patriotic actions as they said:
“He’s very, very patriotic. He wants to be in the military after he graduates and serves a mission for our church. And he is very passionate, he loves politics, and he loves his country, so, we weren’t surprised.”


His actions were caught on camera and then the pictures went viral afterwards. Carson did this all on his own, and was not trying to start any movement or anything. He also admitted he was not trying to send a message to Colin Kaepernick or any other professional athlete who has been protesting for that matter. He simply shared:

“A lot of people think it’s because I’m trying to send a message to players like Colin Kaepernick and his teammates that also don’t stand for the flag. It’s not any of that, they have their rights. I just hope that people recognize patriotism a little bit more now, and what it means, and what the flag stands for, and the people who defend it.”

Although the message was not intended for Colin Kaepernick directly or any other protesting professional athlete, we sure hope that they will see what this 16-year-old did that got the world’s attention in a positive way–not how they have been getting attention in a negative, disrespectful way.

Watch this video to see the full story.

Many people have fought and died for our country. Not standing for the national anthem is a sign of disrespect, not just for our country, but for the brave men and women who lost their lives trying to protect it from foreign enemies.


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