Friends Fake A Funeral For Dude Who Hangs Out With His Girlfriend Too Much

Jess Ferguson and Keiran Cable met each other in South Wales 18 months ago. They fell in love fast, and began spending all of their time together.1 The new couple spent so much time together that Keiran’s friends began to feel abandoned. Keiran’s forgotten friends wanted to let him know that they still existed . . . but how?2

They decided to hold a fake funeral for Keiran. They dressed in black, built a coffin, rented a hearse, and they even used their graphic design skills to create a fake funeral program.3

This is kind of weird, right? So, what did Keiran think of their stunt? He liked it! Keiran told Elite Daily, “I’ve had hundreds of friend requests. I’ve had people coming on to me asking can they take my picture to show their friends they’ve met me. It’s like one big dream. It’s amazing!”4


Jess’ reaction to the fake funeral: She said Keiran has chosen to spend all his time with her. And she has no problem with him spending more time with the boys in the future.5

His friends made their point, and in all likelihood this old friendship can be resurrected. A grand gesture like this just can’t be ignored!6

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