Girl Instantly Regrets Punching Kid on Bus After Thinking He Wouldn’t Hit Back

Little daddy Colby is out of town so here goes my first article I have written in a long ass time. Let me start this off by saying I am very strong believer in “hit like a man, get hit like a man”. Now there are multiple scenarios where a girl hits first I don’t believe it’s cool to hit her back. This bitch literally just punched a kid for no reason expecting him not to retaliate. Well she was completely wrong and got hit with the 3 punch combo. Now maybe if they were dating and the dude cheated on her then she punched out of frustration then I would say him hitting her back was uncalled for. Since that’s not the case I loved every second of this shit.

At this moment the bitch is being cheered on by her fellow bus mates. Peer pressure played a valuable part in her decision.


I am no expert but at the moment of the first punch directly in her jaw she definitely wanted to yell something racist but I applaud her for not making the situation worse



In a last ditch effort to salvage what turned into a hostile situation the girl claims the kid “ruined her glasses” to try to deflect the attention off her face that was just punched with 3 hay-makers.



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