Girl Texts Her Boyfriend The Perfect Images After He Cancels On Date Night

Getting ready for a date is no quick process, especially for a woman. A ton of prep goes into creating the perfect look for the big night. Many times, a whole team of friends have put in opinions on exactly what a girl should wear, say, and do on the date, so there is often little that is left to surprise. While the guy may not put a ton of thought into the date until right before it is time to head out the door, the girl has usually spent countless hours waxing, plucking, smoothing, and covering up every last inch of her body.

This meticulous date prep is not only for new couples or first dates, either. Many girls continue this routine far into a relationship, making sure they are fully prepared for any romantic times that may be in the near future.

This young lady is no different. She had spent countless hours prepping her body, assuming that her “babe” was coming over. She shaved, prepped her skin, and lathered on plenty of lotion to make sure that she was looking and feeling her best before her boy came over. When she texted him to confirm his arrival, though, he informed her that he would not be able to make it that night. Rather then cursing him out or acting like it was no big deal, this girl decided to send a hilarious photo set back to him as a response.




These photos call him out for bailing on their date when she had gone through so much work to prepare for it, and the hilarious facial expressions she has in return really land for a chuckle.


How would you react if you were stood up for a date after putting in so much time and effort to prepare for it?


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