Girl Uses Hidden Cam To Catch Cheating Boyfriend, But Things Get Awkward Fast

Trying to find the right partner for a relationship these days has been something of a challenge for both sexes.

On the one hand cheating isn’t something anyone should have to deal with, but on the other is it better to know about it early on instead of sometime later down the road? Or would searching for that answer be an invasion of trust, and something a healthy relationship wouldn’t have to worry about in the first place? Regardless, if you’re in the mindset that your partner isn’t being faithful, if you don’t feel you can talk to them about it then that’s probably not a relationship that’ll last through those golden years; so when this young lady decided to put her man to the test and got her answer, you can bet that relationship won’t last longer than.. well I would hope it’s already over…

Knowing she shouldn’t do this alone the woman named Stephanie contacted a YouTube channel specializing in catching cheaters and they contacted a model named Lisa Rodriguez. For those of you who haven’t heard of her yet, you’re in for a real treat – that woman is gorgeous. Well, sending in the actress towards Stephanie’s boyfriend Michael for the test this idiot took the bait without batting an eye. Even when Lisa asks if he has a girlfriend he states he has someone he’s “talking to”, but not dating.

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Would you stay with someone like that? How different do they have to act in front of you for you not to notice the signs? That’s not to blame the girl at all, she did absolutely nothing wrong, it’s to stress the point that communication is too important in a relationship to pass up. Pay attention to your partners people, outside of Twitter and Facebook; look at how they act towards their friends versus you.


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