Great Dane On Hot Pursuit. But Wait A Minute, Is This A Trick? Watch This!

Our canine friends are no longer needed solely for protection,they can entertainment us too. We have probably come across many dogs doing some unique stuff, which we normally don’t expect to come from them. You have to watch this video to witness some hilarious moment the dog is having while trying to figure out a strange looking thing.

In this video, Great Dane seems to be in a jovial mood and his owner tries to tease him with a banana. Somehow, he can’t figure out the strange looking thing the owner has placed on the floor which is actually a banana peeling, he tries to hop on it, jump around it, giving it some few seconds to see if it’s going to retaliate.But, the peeling is still on the floor and at the same spot which make the dog even more curious, he tries to sniff at it, barks at it and keep on hoping onto it. He thinks it might be a trick and he look at the owner with a queer eye thinking he has something to do with it but he thinks he got it wrong and continues with his pursuit.

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