Grey Parrot Reveals Its Identity As Secret Agent With An Unbelievably Uncanny Impression of 007

Once you watch Lottie, the African Grey parrot, do a perfect, “My name is Bond, James Bond,” then follow it (oh-so-awesomely) with a short rendition of the famous theme song, there is only one question left.

Which Bond is Lottie doing? It sounds a lot like Sean Connery’s Bond, but could be Roger Moore. She’s probably not channeling Pierce Brosnan, but maybe Daniel Craig? If Lottie could just learn to say, “Miss Moneypenny,” we could probably figure it out for sure.

Lottie also asks, “What’s that all about?” One can only presume she’s referring to the super-villain lair that she is about to infiltrate just off-camera.

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