Guy Gets Bitten By Bug On Lip, Has The Worst Reaction EVER


Cosmetic surgery is booming. People all over the globe spend huge amounts of cash every single day in their quest for ‘perfection’. However, I’m not so sure why people are splashing thousands on going under the knife or the needle, when all they need to do is get bit by a bug for the same results…

According to Dr. Tracy Mountford of the Cosmetic Skin Clinic, “Lip-enhancing injectable fillers are the most addictive procedures.” The guy on the next page looks like he’s been addicted to surgery of this kind for years – the size of his upper lip makes Angelina Jolie’s look like a 15-year-old Kylie Jenner (you know, before she had her suckers inflated) – but he’s actually just had a terrible reaction to a bug bite.


I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would be envious of the luscious lips on show below, or rather, LIP on show. Check out this guy’s insane reaction and make sure you watch it till the end, his comments regarding the doctors diagnosis are utterly hilarious.

Despite his obvious, ahem, issue, the dude above manages to make a joke out of his situation. Or perhaps that’s just the first stage of anaphylaxis; denial, talking.

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