Guy Has S*x With Donkey Then Begs Judge To Send Him To Jail


Well that’s not an excuse you hear every day – a guy has claimed he had sex with a donkey because his ‘privates were out of control’.

The 21-year-old farm worker was jailed for 30 days, after he begged the judge to send him to prison, the Daily Mail reports.

Gideon D Swartzentruber, from Neillsville, Wisconsin, was originally sentenced to probation, counselling and fined $443 (£300), but according to court documents he didn’t think the sentence was harsh enough, so he returned to court to ask for a bigger punishment.

It’s not clear why he really wanted to be locked up, which is pretty bizarre.thanks

According to the Marshfield News Herald, Swartzentruber was working on a farm when he found the female donkey in a barn.

Police reports state the farmhand ‘kind of touched the donkey and was playing around being crazy’ before he had sex with it – when asked why, Swartzentruber replied by saying his ‘privates were out of control’ and he ‘got crazy and carried away.’

The owner caught him in the act and reported him to the police, before firing him.

Apparently Swartzentruber also chose to represent himself in court throughout the trial.


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