Guy Thinks He’s In Grand Theft Auto

We’ve heard of life imitating art, but we’ve gotta say this is the first time we’ve seen life imitating video games! When one man became the subject of a police chase, his Grand Theft Auto instincts kicked in a little too hard as he went on a wild path of destruction and carjacking.
It all began early one morning at a gas station in Colorado. A red Ford Edge minivan was left running, and a man decided that was his chance to get himself a new car. However, there was a 4-year-old boy in that car, and when the man stole it, he was committing an act of kidnapping.
An Amber Alert was quickly sent out with a picture of the suspect taken from security footage, and investigators quickly identified the man as 28-year-old Ryan Stone. A short time later, the stolen minivan was spotted along Interstate 25 in Thornton.
Police gave chase, trying to catch up with the suspect as he got on and off the highway and drove through several neighborhoods before returning to the Interstate. That’s when things started to take a turn. Instead of continuing in the minivan, Stone decided it was time to get a new ride.
Using the red minivan to block a gold minivan that was on the highway, Stone carjacked his second vehicle of the day. Stone grabbed the driver of the gold minivan and dragged them out, as the passenger also got out of the car. Stone then started driving on the wrong side of the highway, but he had left the 4-year-old boy behind in the red minivan.
The car chase was being followed on the news as a live broadcast of the carjackings were shown. The reporters could hardly believe what they were seeing, and became increasingly concerned as Stone started to drive erratically. His speeds varied widely, and he came close to hitting cars several times as he swerved in and out of traffic and repeatedly drove on the shoulder.
At one point, Stone attempts to steal another car, GTA-style, but is unable to get inside the vehicle. He gets back in the severely damaged gold minivan and finds another car to steal. ‘This is live guys, I want to warn you this is live,’ one reporter tells the audience as Stone approaches a silver BMW. Stone yanks the woman out of the car and takes over the driver’s seat.
Stone drove that car for a short distance before getting out and running from police, who were thankfully able to catch him. The entire chase lasted for more than an hour. Stone hit a state trooper, critically injuring him, but no one else was injured during the chase, including the 4-year-old boy. Stone was convicted of 18 charges, including attempted manslaughter, first-degree assault, and child abuse, and was sentenced to 160 years.


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