He Called 911 For An Emergency, But I’m Shocked When The Dispatcher Does This

81-year-old Clarence Blackmon wasn’t bleeding, broken, or being attacked by an intruder when he called 911. Nevertheless, when the dispatcher heard his story, it became clear he was in dire need of help. After receiving treatment for his cancer, Blackmon was released from the hospital and immediately sent home. That’s where he found himself too weak to move, and even too weak to feed himself.

The 911 dispatcher who took his call had experienced what it’s like to be hungry, and wasn’t about to let Mr. Blackmon suffer. She took matters into her own hands and personally delivered food to his home so he wouldn’t suffer from starvation. She went above and beyond her call of duty, and it just might have saved Clarence’s life. It certainly restored my faith in humanity to learn that people are still willing to go out of their way to help strangers. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this selfless act of kindness.


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