He Doesn’t Know Anyone At the Airport, But He’s About To Meet The Mom That Thought He Died At Birth…

For 41 years, Nelly Reyes, 61, believed her son had passed away shortly after birth. However, the alarming truth is that he was taken and secretly given up for adoption.

As reported by CNN, in Santiago, Chile, Reyes, finally got to see her long-lost son Travis Tolliver.

“I’m going to hug him every day. I love him so much,” she said.1

41-year-old Tolliver doesn’t speak Spanish, and didn’t know anyone who was waiting for him at the airport; however, he and his mother didn’t need words to understand what they were feeling.

“I don’t know how I feel. It’s crazy! I never thought this could happen,” he said.

Tolliver always thought, as did his adoptive parents, that he was abandoned and given up for adoption, but he was stolen from his mother’a arms just hours after he was born.

“You know, I wasn’t given up willingly like I thought for all these years, so that makes my heart feel wonderful; but it’s just coming to terms with that. This whole thing still seems unreal to me,” Tolliver said.

Chile’s authorities refer to Tolliver’s case as one of the “Children of Silence.” During the 1970s to 1980s, millions of babies were sold or given up for illegal adoption to doctors, nurses, priests and nuns in the middle of the repressive dictatorship.


Chile’s authorities are investigating these cases, and Tolliver is taking part to help clear up his adoption and find those responsible.

But for now, he is simply able to be with a family he never knew he had, and receive 41 years of love that had been reserved just for him.


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