He Dumps Hot Dogs In The Toilet, But The Reason? We Can’t BELIEVE Our Eyes!!

I think this just may be the most awesome and strange video featuring the porcelaine throne as its main character, Even the title of this video sounds crazy right ?

Watch as The American Standard Champion toilet series proudly introduces the world of YouTube to what’s known as the most powerful commercially sold toilet. It uses “Quattro” flushing technology, and can flush pretty much anything, with no problem whatsoever. You wouldn’t think a video about flushing the toilet would be so entertaining, but just trust me… I couldn’t believe this myself until I watched this video.

A man demonstrates the sheer strength of this state-of-the-art toilet is by flushing the most random and unbelievable items. Three pounds of carrots? Yup. 18 large hot dogs? Sure! 20 golf balls? Down the drain! Seriously, this toilet is insane. It’s no wonder more than nine million people have watched the video below.


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