He Gives Her His Passport… Suddenly She Jumps Over The Desk And Does THIS! Whoa!

airline LOT Airlines recently sold a ticket to their half millionth customer at Warsaw Chopin Airport. Maciej Kołodziej bought a ticket to New York City and LOT decided they wanted to celebrate and thank Maciej by putting something really quite unique on for him. A surprise flash mob! It comes out of nowhere and really takes the guy by shock. After all, who expects a localized production of ‘Mamma Mia!’ when you’re queuing up at an airport?! He looks so awkward to begin with… The mob gets bigger and bigger and seems to involve almost everyone in the airport at one point! The guy also got a whole heap of free goodies and vouchers as a thank you from the airline. He was even upgraded to business class! Why can’t we be an airline’s 500,000th customer???

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