He Had A Chance At Fame & Fortune But Gave it All Up to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice For His Country

In 2008, Chris Moon — a freshman baseball player for the University of Arizona — left his team and his school to fight for his country.

According to The Daily Mail, the young sniper died from injuries when a roadside bomb detonated in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan in July 2010.


Moon — who has been called a college version of Pat Tillman — was just 20 years old and only a month and a half away from going back home.

Now, in an attempt to keep his memory alive, Yahoo Sports reports Moon’s family and friends hope to resurrect a life-size statue for Moon over looking the baseball diamond the pitcher once played on in high school.

Moon’s former high school athletic trainer, Mike Boese, tells Yahoo Sports that he wants the statue to be a constant reminder and a role model to the kids who pass through the halls of Tucson High.

“We have a name on our scoreboard at Cherry Field, a former baseball player that died in a motorcycle accident, and nobody knows who he was,” Boese says. “And I don’t want that to happen to this kid.”


In order to raise money for the memorial, Moon’s high school hosts a baseball tournament in his honor every year and a local hotel puts on a golf outing for the same reason.

Moon’s father, Brian, explains to Yahoo Sports just why his son decided to give up a promising baseball career to instead fight for America.

“I think it’s an important thing to go into the military and he thought it was an important thing. He wanted to do something important. And he did.”

The memorial will resemble Moon and stand in honor of the sacrifices he made, but it will also honor the many other Tucson High School students who have died while fighting for our freedom.

3So far, Moon’s family and friends have raised $20,000 toward the $60,000 needed to build the memorial.

Thank you to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the freedom we have today.


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