He Lost 425 Pounds In Less Than 2 Years. Now, He Could Be Surprised by the Person that Inspired Him.

Ronnie Brower is an example of sheer perseverance.

He suffered from morbid obesity — 675 pounds — making it hard to move or leave the house. His weight left him without a job.Screen-Shot-2015-05-15-at-14.35.23

Then his doctor gave him an ultimatum, he wouldn’t live to his 35th birthday if he didn’t change his bad habits.

So with the help of Mission Fitness and Taylor Swift music, Ronnie lost 425 pounds in 20 months.


That’s why his friend, Joe Bufano, is reaching out to Ronnie’s inspiration Taylor Swift. He’s hoping the singer will see his video and surprise Ronnie when they go see her show on June 3 in Cleveland.

As much as Taylor has inspired Ronnie, it’s possible the feeling is mutual.


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