He Only Lived A Precious 165 Days. What He Left Them With Was Worth Every Fleeting Moment.

At just three months, baby George Papaconstatinou was diagnosed with a debilitating form of cancer. Unfortunately, he only lived 165 days.

But nonetheless, his short life had a tremendous impact on his family.

His mother, Oana Papaconstatinou, poignantly shared how George’s presence in their life has profoundly changed them:

1“Georgie’s life changed us for the better, and somehow his death did too. Life is much harder now but we make sure we live it to the full.”


“We grieve every day and we wonder why, but we’re thankful to have had him in our world for every precious moment, even the difficult ones because we were able to let him know how much we loved him and we did our best to comfort him.”


“He was here. He was loved and always will be. He lived for just five months and in that time Georgie taught us about patience, bravery, love and more importantly, he taught us how to appreciate every moment we have on this earth.”


“Now I want to tell other people to please open their eyes, to see what we have, to appreciate everything from the good times that make us happy, to the bad times that make us strong.”


“And even when the chances are slim, we should always fight to survive because this world is precious and every moment in every life in it is special.”


“The depth of love Georgie left us with, the love we’ll have forever, is simply incredible despite the fact his life was a trial from the start.”

7George and his family spent his final two weeks at the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, where his parents say he passed away “peacefully and perfectly.”

Oana has since become a strong advocate for Children’s Hospice programs, praising them for their ability to make a painful situation a little less scary.


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