He Sticks Toilet Paper Into Butter. This Simple Trick Could Save Your Life!

his isn’t your typical buttery recipe. I’m sure you’re thinking: why are people doing weird things like this with butter? YouTuber Grant Thompson has got a pretty good reason — emergencies.

Imagine there’s a hurricane, flood, blackout, or any sort of emergency that can strike without a moment’s notice. Suddenly, there’s no electricity — you’re completely caught off guard and fretting for a light source. You might find yourself searching through drawers for that old flashlight…but are there even batteries in it?

Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place for that saving grace; maybe the real solution is where you’d least expect it — in the fridge and bathroom. That’s right, butter may not seem like it can hold a flame. It may melt into a thin liquid within seconds in a pan or microwave, but with a few minor tweaks, this butter candle can hold a flame for four hours.

All you need is a toothpick, toilet paper, butter, knife, and matches or a lighter to make this DIY candle. When there are no other options available, this could be your saving grace. I know I’ve gone camping plenty of times where there wasn’t enough light. All those incidences where I was secluded in the woods with nothing but dead batteries, a few cheap flashlights, and all the food I’ve brought could’ve been made more pleasant with a few emergency butter candles.


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