He Uses A Coke Bottle To Clean His Entire House — I NEED To Try This!!

I love anything that involves recycling. I’m fascinated about transforming everyday items into something useful, especially after seeing this guy turn a discarded Coke can into a beautiful bouquet for his wife.

After having to throw out so many two-liter bottles over the years, this next life hack came as a total surprise to me. Did you know you could use those old plastic soda bottles to make your own broom? I had no idea, but this is such a great idea on how they can be re-purposed into something useful!

The key to this project is in how you cut those plastic bottles, which the man in the video carefully demonstrates.

The reviews from those who’ve tried it say this broom really works, too! So, the next time you need to buy a new broom, save your money and recycle those old plastic bottles!  What’s even better is that there is also a great milk jug dust pan that goes along with this broom. How cool is that?! It’s awesome to see how one innovative idea is turning an environmental problem into a cleaning solution.

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