He Was Walking To A Store, But What The Security Camera Caught Him Stepping On? TERRIFYING!

This story is a perfect example as to why no one should ever text while driving. While it seems obvious to most sensible people, there are a lot out there who think that it is OK to be distracted by their phones while they’re behind the wheel of a multi-ton metal weapon.

This problem has gotten so bad that there have actually been smartphone apps created in order to keep people from texting or checking their phones while driving. But, just when you thought you’d seen it all, it seems that the man in this video was put on this Earth in order to show us all how dangerous it can be to text while walking.

It was a regular day for Tim Malone: He was calmly walking on his own two feet towards his job, texting his friend on his iPhone, when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his leg. When he looked down, much to his surprise, there was a huge, four-foot-long snake staring at him.

While the snake was probably just as frightened and confused as Malone was, the snake certainly slithered away from this confrontation as the clear winner. Malone really lucked out this time, because thankfully, it turned out to be a nonpoisonous bull snake.

While there aren’t any apps to warn us about snakes (yet), this video shows just how important it is to be aware of your surroundings. Malone could have easily stepped on a copperhead, or accidentally walked into an oncoming car, or even fallen down an open manhole. With all the distracted drivers driving around on the smartphones, the last thing we need is distracted walkers!



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