Her Pizza Delivery Box. Wait Until You Find What The Company Did Next!

Can you imagine opening a food box and getting a whole load of money inside it? It might sound weird, but that’s exactly what happened to Selena Avalos.

When Selena got a hankering for some chicken, she called up Domino’s and ordered a box of chicken wings.


Rather than a box of delicious chicken, there was actually $5,000 cash inside the box. It might sound insane but this actually happened. What would you do if you were put in this position? Be honest! Would you tell anyone?

Well, Selena is an honest woman, and so decided to tell the store just what had happened. You see, she figured that she knew where the cash was from.


Since she was a Spacetel Wireless manager herself, she worked out that the money was probably the store’s bank deposit.

Right away, she called up the store and explained just what had happened. She probably thought that she would get nothing in return for her good deed, but she was seriously wrong!

You see, the staff at Domino’s were so very grateful that they decided to give a little something back to Selena. They decided to reward her by giving her a year’s worth of free pizza.

Now if you’re something of a fast food lover, you will know that this situation is the actual dream. Can you imagine it?!3

It just goes to show that it seriously pays off to be a good, decent person and tell the truth. After all, when you do so, you might just get free pizza – and there’s nothing better than that!

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