Heroic Trooper Pulls Over Man For Speeding, Ends Up Saving His Life

Here’s a friendly reminder that for every “bad cop” out there, there are tons more who would risk their own lives to help save yours.

Every time a police officer tries attempts to stop someone, they put their safety on the line. Unfortunately, you can never tell what the person is going to do next or how they will react. It can be pretty scary, but that’s the risk they’re willing to take to keep the public a safe place.

Here at LittleThings, we’ve seen some pretty horrific things happen when an officer pulls over a car, like in this drunk driving nightmare. Yet we’ve also seen some pretty happy things too, like this viral video of an officer helping an old woman struggling on her motorized scooter. What happens in the next video has a bit of both, but I have to warn you: It may not be easy to watch.

In the video, which was taken by a Maine State Trooper Doug Cropper’s dashboard camera, we see the officer pull over a car for speeding. At first, the driver seems normal, but when the cop approaches the driver’s window to give him a ticket, he realizes something is terribly wrong.

Cropper pulls the man out of his car, as he is seemingly dying from a drug overdose, later revealed to be heroin. After doing some chest compressions, an emergency room nurse pulls over and starts helping the trooper revive the man. They gave him an antidote and you can hear him making noise toward the end of the video, before he was rushed to the hospital.

These brave men in uniform didn’t have to help this drug addict, but they take their jobs seriously and for that, they are true heroes.


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