He’s Bullied For Wearing This To School, His Dad’s Response Moved Me To Tears

It saddens me to say that we live in a world where bullying happens every day. From the playgrounds at schools to the streets that we live in, the need for others to openly judge people is as pervasive as it is cruel. This video shows the story of one such boy who happens to feel comfortable wearing a dress, and the unsettling reactions that he deals with because of it.

The ridicule he faces permeates beyond the treatment from his classmates, it’s even present in his home. Watch as his father struggles with coming to grips with a son who is just doing what makes him feel happy as he looks for his place in this world. When his father learns to understand who is son really is, the result is one of the most heart-warming things I’ve seen. Help spread this beautiful story if you know of anyone who faces unfair ridicule for being themselves.

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