He’s Fishing Far From Shore. What He Spots Approaching Him Broke My Heart

All I can say after watching this video is that I’m glad this helpful man was on the water the day that he was. A fisher off the coast of Sarasota, Florida made a startling discovery while floating in his kayak a ways off from shore. A scared and wounded dog swam up to fisherman Rory O’Connor looking for some help. At the time, O’Connor had no idea how the dog ended up so far away from shore. All he knew was that he needed to get the dog to the beach and find help. The video follows O’Connor’s rescue, showing him hoisting the dog onto his kayak and paddling to shore. O’Connor eventually got his sister to take the dog to the vet where they found the ID chip and phoned his owner.

It wasn’t long before O’Connor and the entire community discovered the truth about the dog whose name was later identified as Barney. According to an article published by the Daily Mail, Barney was on a jog with his owner Donna Chen when Chen was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Upon seeing the incident occur, Barney fled petrified and jumped into the ocean where he started swimming. Chen was killed by 22-year-old Blake Talman who had previously been hanging out with friends drinking to have a good time. Chen left behind a husband, three children, and Barney.
While O’Connor had no idea of Barney’s backstory at the time of his rescue, he’s glad that he was there to save the family from another loss that day. Watch the video below.


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