He’s Making Breakfast. But When He Turns Around? I Lost It!

As the nation goes crazy for the release of Jurassic World, one sketch comedy group imagined what life would be like having a pet dinosaur — instead of a cat or dog.

The YouTube channel We Have A Dinosaur released the first video in its series of “short films about the joys and perils of dinosaur ownership.”

In the short comedy sketch, actor Quinton Kappel is seen making himself a bowl of cereal. When he turns his back, the pet raptor acts like a cat and sneaks up on him.

The mischievous dino refuses to listen to his owner and eventually knocks a man’s bowl of cereal off of the counter. (He must be pals with this jerk cat who just had to knock over a glass, despite his owner telling him not to do it.) The raptor annoys his owner early in the morning with comical results.

There’s no denying it — this video is so hilarious that you’ll likely be watching it on repeat. Get ready to laugh! (There are more episodes planned to be released soon.)

The moral of the story: You don’t want a pet dinosaur.


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