Hidden Cameras Follow This Housecleaner To Work. She Never Saw This Coming

Cara Simmons thinks she is going to see a prospective housecleaning client. Little does she know, she’s about to experience the best day ever. Cara is a single mother of three who personifies selflessness and positivity in everything that she does. So when her boss and the folks at Prank It Forward decided it was time someone returned the positivity, there was never a doubt she was the perfect candidate.

Since Ms. Simmons is constantly doing things for others, the intent was to make it so that she would spend the entire day without lifting a finger. From the moment she steps inside this “important” client’s home, she is pampered and primped. The hidden cameras capture her candid reactions as she begins taste-testing white truffle and edible gold. Well, she thinks she is taste-testing these items, but in truth they are all for her.
From eating top-notch cuisine to getting massaged by strapping young men, Cara’s day takes a turn for the surreal when she starts unloading boxes and realizes that the things are inside are her personal effects. As her confusion reaches its apex, the big reveal occurs where she is informed that her belongings were delivered to this fancy house because it was now her home.
I can only imagine what was going through her head as all these wonderful things were happening to her, but one thing is for sure – the world needs more nice things to happen to nice people. If it weren’t for people like Cara making the world just a little bit brighter each day, life wouldn’t be quite as sweet for the rest of us. We all have a “Cara” in our lives, so what can we do to let them know that we appreciate them?


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