Hungry Monkey Takes Matters Into His Own Hands. HILARIOUS!!

Listen, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you just get a hankering for some food and you absolutely must satiate that hunger. If not, you’re likely to get hangry, and no one likes you when you’re hangry. In the wild, the same rules apply. If a wild animal is hungry, you’re better off just getting out of their way.

Such is the case for YouTuber 184dave, who stumbled across the seemingly adorable monkey in this video while in Gibraltar. The monkey is infatuated with someone’s bag, so 184dave takes out his camera and starts rolling.

After a very short struggle with the person’s bag, the monkey emerges carrying a plastic bag with something in it. He quickly hightails it up on top of a rock ledge with the bag firmly in his tiny monkey hands.

It’s there that our favorite monkey starts examining the plastic bag and pulls out…you guessed it…a footlong sandwich! This monkey will go hungry no more!

The monkey takes a quick look at the sammy before diving in and biting off a few chunks of bread. He seems a bit confused but mostly delighted by his find. We only wish we could have seen his face when he gets to the juicy, meat-filled inside of the sandwich.

A seagull pulls up next to the monkey at one point (and 184dave hilariously adds a clever caption to the video), but the monkey is not willing to share his sandwich. Sorry, seagull. When a monkey is hungry, a monkey must eat!


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