I Thought He Was Crazy When He Held His Key To A Flame But Minutes Later… WHOA!

Sometimes we get caught in tricky situations and we need to think on our feet to untangle ourselves.

Good thing the internet is filled with quick tricks, like turning a tuna can into a candle or a fork into a lock, which can sometimes be the key to conflict resolution.

Speaking of keys, we open a lot of important things with them, like our homes, safes, and cars. So it’s always a good idea to have a spare. But what if you’re in a tight situation and you don’t have time to dash over to a hardware store?

It seems like an unlikely scenario, but it can happen. For instance, what if you have an emergency and you need to leave your home in the middle of the night? If you live alone, that’s fine. But what if you have kids or pets that you need someone to look after? The possibilities are endless, but don’t fret, there is actually a really easy way to copy a key, and you can do it in under a minute!

Another nice thing about a key like this is that it’s so compact, you can even put it in your wallet. It’s also helpful if you have guests coming into town and you want them to have their own extra set of keys.

It’s pretty amazing, and all your need is a lighter, aluminum can, scotch tape, and a pair of scissors…



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