If I Got This Text From Mom, I’d Be Furious. But Watch What This Daughter Does Instead…

Ican definitely relate to these older moms trying to text their daughters.

My dad calls the computer mouse “the rabbit,” while my mom regularly asks me how to go to Google.

The concept of email is far beyond the reach of my parents who still listen to music on their record player — which in my book is pretty cool — but I am happy to talk to them over the phone because it is such a rarity in my life these days.

Learning a new technology is hard, especially when things change so fast, but I have to give every mom props for trying.

When I think of quirky moms, I can’t help but remember one of my favorite videos, in which a daughter is trying to show off her new engagement ring. She practically waves her hands in the air…but Mom doesn’t notice. She’s totally oblivious. When she finally realizes her little girl is engaged, her reaction is priceless.

In this video, two moms text their daughters and it’s hilarious and charming.

One mom even texts that she gave her daughter’s number to a handsome podiatrist — a totally classic mom move.

The daughters get a little peeved about having such doting mothers, but then they have the perfect response.


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