Inflatable Bubble Tent Lets You Sleep Underneath The Stars And Explore The Outdoors Like Never Before

Here’s a cool new tent from the lab at Holleyweb and it’s pretty damn incredible!

 1If you have ever wanted to sleep under the stars, even during a snowstorm, then you are in luck as this tent will allow for just that. It’s waterproof and inflatable. The Holleyweb Bubble Tent is totally cool!

2The Bubble tent is comprised of just PVC pipe and tarp. It’s flame-retardant so nearby campfires are ok! It can house two people and will allow you and your special friend to cozy up right underneath the stars!

3Ok, there is a catch. You have to keep it connected to a pump. The pump is included, and you’ll need the extra extension cord if you really want to get away from the house! But then a generator is another possibility if you want to get far away.

Ok, catch number 2: It costs 2 grand! Well, I guess for some people it truly will be worth the experience.



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