Infuriated Dad Goes to His Boss and Stands Up for His Family. The Result? He Gets Fired.


When Bruce Casper of Plum, Pennsylvania heard fellow co-workers usingdisrespectful words, he didn’t stand by idly.

Casper was allegedly called “retard” by several of his co-workers. While the use of this this word is abhorrent on any level, the offensiveness was exasperated by the fact that Casper’s young son, Kyron, has Down Syndrome.


But when Casper approached his employer to discuss the situation — letting him know that he didn’t condone such language — his employer was less than understanding. In fact, he told Casper that if he couldn’t tolerate it then he could leave.

So that is exactly what the father of three did.

While the firing has certainly put a financial burden on the family, Casper’s fiancé, Crista Miller, believes there is a lesson to be learned from all of this.


She explained to Liftbump that it will hopefully “teach people how badly words can hurt. Think before you speak.”

And Miller has nothing but pride when it comes to her family.

“I am extremely proud of my fiancé for standing up for what’s right and not tolerating that word,” she told Liftbump. “And I am extremely proud to be a mom to a child with Down Syndrome.”


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