Insane Cyclist Running 207-mph Bicycle Humiliates Ferrari At Dragstrip

What speeds do you think you could get a bicycle up to before you start worrying about falling over after hitting some little rock on the path or something of that nature? For some people there is no real answer to that; Switzerland native and cyclist Francois Gissy is one of those, and now a record setter to boot. Along with a little help he’s managed to get his bicycle upwards of 207mph, or around 333kph, and decided the best way to test it’s merit was to race it against an absolutely beautiful Ferrari 430 Scuderia! Luckily they recorded the event for the rest of the world to see as this is literally the fastest bicycle in the world at the moment – plus who wouldn’t want to see a car get absolutely smoked by a dude on a bike?


It’s important to note that they had an ambulance nearby in case anything went wrong, as hitting those speeds there’s a whole hell of a lot that can go wrong, and it proves that regardless of what you’re doing safety should be a priority. Had he even hit a pebble on the track he stood a chance of losing control, but the elongated frame and his laying down position probably helped. Then there’s the fact that right under him was strapped a rocket engine providing roughly 944lbs. of thrust, or 4.2kN! Had anything gone wrong with that or if it had exploded then there’s no telling where Gissy would be today; thankfully nothing of the sort happened and we get to see what is truly a daredevil’s race!


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