It Takes A Village


It Takes A Village

Dear Daughter:

“Some people!” Snorted a man standing some distance behind me in the long line at the grocery store. “Well, you would think the store manager would see the line and open up another checkout,” cried one woman. I looked at the front of the line to see what was holding everything up and saw a well dressed, young lady, trying to get the machine to accept her credit card. No matter how many times she swiped it, it always rejected the card.

The man behind me looked and said, “it’s one of those welfare cards. Why can’t those stupid people go out an get a job like everyone else.” The young lady hearing the man, looked at him and her eyes began to water. The man looked again at her and said, “That’s right lady it was me. Get a job.” With that the lady dropped her welfare card and ran out of the store, got in her car and left leaving her groceries behind. In a few minutes a young man can in and asked the clerk if that young lady was in the store.

Every one in line looked at the man who had made the comment while the clerk told the young man what had happened. The man in line then turned to the young man and said; “I made a bad mistake, and I am so sorry that I made it.” “Yes,” the young man said, “it was really a bad mistake, her brother was killed in Afghanistan a month ago and she has taken it upon herself to raise his three children. She is twenty years old, single and only works part-time.”

The man made his way to the front of the line and looking down said, “are these her groceries and young man do you know where she lives. His answer, “yes, we go to the same church.” The man then pulled out his credit card, saying wait a minute, he then went back, got his cart and added what he had to the list of her groceries. One of the ladies in line said, “wait, I’m going to get a turkey, no, I’m going to get two.” Another person in line added more. All of a sudden people were bringing groceries by the cart load. When the store clerk finished adding up the total, there was $1,646.57 worth of groceries for the young lady who was now a mother to three children.

Just before the man who had complained left the store, he went to the young man and handed him his personal check, saying, “She will need a freezer and some other things. Looking at the size of the check the young man said, “This is really generous of you, Sir.” “No,” said the man, “her brother was the generous one.” The whole store began clapping and some even crying.

I drove home that day feeling very American. We live in the land of the free, because of the brave! Remember to pray for our troops tonight.

Your Mom

P. S. This was a great example of why we should be kind and patient. Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

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