It’s ‘Leggings Season’ and This Woman Has a Few HILARIOUS Things To Say About The Fashion Trend

Here is a daily dose of truth for you. Women know that one necessity in any woman’s closet is leggings. There is an ongoing debate over whether leggings constitute as pants or not. People have some very adamant opinions as to how one should sport the comfy trend. Like this woman. She has some choice words on the subject.

Jamie Higdon-Randolph is sharing her views on the fall fashion trend in an attempt to settle the dispute once and for all. She hilariously explains why leggings should never be worn as pants. They’re comfortable, stylish and generally flattering. What’s not to love about glorious leggings?

But it’s when she discusses white leggings, her narrative takes a hilarious turn. “Those are a bigno no!” she says. Jamie continues on that leggings that are too tight are not leggings, they are pantyhose. Above all, leggings should never – under any circumstance – be worn as pants.

Jamie declares in her refreshing southern accent, “You can dress ‘em up, you can dress ‘em down, you can look like a frat girl, or you can look pretty classy in ‘em — depending on what you choose to pair with them.”

She is comedic but also takes this subject very seriously.

“Some of you people like to use leggings as britches — as pants. That ain’t how they’re supposed to be worn. If you can’t wear a shirt that covers your tail, so I can’t tell that you got some Aztec-print thongs on, you don’t need to be wearin’ ‘em.”

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