It’s Scandalous What These People Do To The 6-Year-Old Girl. The Man At The End Is The Worst Of All.

When a random child that’s not yours is lost or alone, or maybe even just hungry, would you step up to the plate to help them out or simply ignore them?

Well UNICEF decided to put that question to the test in a social experiment that’s bound to break your heart. You’re about to meet a very young girl named Anna who was first taken to a public setting alone to see if anyone would check on her, but they did it in two very different ways. The first time Anna was in this scenario she was cleaned up and dressed nice, that’s the Anna people would stop for; the second time they applied some makeup to make her appear dirty and gave her some ragged looking clothes to wear, that Anna was completely ignored.

After the initial experiment they decided to step it up a notch to see what would happen if both version of the little girl would get the same reactions in a fast food joint, and what they discovered then is simply shocking. Clean Anna was welcome no matter which table she walked up to, but when the “dirty” version of her comes out she’s met with more than just people ignoring her, they’re absolutely rude. Some of them even kept telling her to go away, as if the mere presence of her was enough to disturb their quiet and simple realities. They’re so rude that the experiment had to come to a screeching halt because little Anna couldn’t take it anymore and burst down to tears. She hadn’t done anything wrong, and yet adults looked at her with nothing but contempt.


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