Jonas Is 24 Years Old And Is Killed By His Smartphone. Don’t Look Away!

He’s 24, loves listening to his music and texting with his friends on his phone.Sound familiar? You see it everyday. There’s no shortage of phone-addicted, inattentive young drones in the public, staring at screens. For 24-year-old Jonas, he is no exception to buying into the inattentive behavior which seems normal nowadays. He blindly walks around as if he’s in a harmless digital realm, paying more attention to his “chip body” than his actual physical body. What ends up happening is sadly not uncommon as this “new normal” is causing all kinds of stupidly tragic mishaps that are totally preventable.

This video nails it, albeit in dark humor fashion, by putting the message out there on how stupid it really is to lose your life over meaningless smiley face text messaging. Put your phone away and walk like a human being, not some cyborg-like robot who needs to be plugged into the digital world 24/7. Don’t be like Jonas and moronically lose your life over technology addiction!


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