Keep Your Fruits And Vegetables As Fresh As Possible With These Nifty Tricks

Have you ever opened up your fridge, only to be hit by the rank smell of rotten vegetables and tomatoes? Besides the chore of having to clean all that up, you’ve also lost a ton of money. It doesn’t matter how many items you bought if you can’t eat them!

Here are some kitchen hacks to help you keep your vegetables and fruit as fresh as possible.


Nobody likes soggy cucumbers.  So how do we get rid of the moisture and keep them crisp?theslowroasteditalian has graciously provided her kitchen hack. Cut your cucumbers into about 1/4-inch slices and stack the slices in a sealable container (doesn’t matter what kind). Place a folded paper towel on top of your cucumbers and put a lid on your container. Store your cucumbers upside down (so that the paper towel is on the bottom). The towel will soak up extra moisture, preventing your cucumbers from becoming too soggy.



It seems as though peppers lose their flavor immediately after being cut. However, our friends atLivestrong have found a way to combat this. First, use a sharp knife to cut your peppers and remove the stem and seeds. Lay your pepper slices on a paper towel and wrap the towel around the peppers. Place the paper towel-covered peppers into a bowl and add about 1/2 inch of cold water. This will keep your peppers fresh for about a week. Change the water once a week, if needed.



Does it ever feel like your carrots seem to be getting drier and drier? thekitchn has the solution for you!

Trim off the green tops from the carrots. This is because the green part of the carrots sucks out moisture, which causes the carrot to become dry and limp. After that, just store the orange carrots/green tops in a container of cold water to keep them fresh.



Tired of picking out soggy, dead leaves from your salad? Looking for ways to freshen up your leaves? Our friends at actually went and tested 3 potential methods to keep your greens fresh. Long story short, you should store your greens in a container with paper towels. The paper towels will soak in the extra moisture that can make your leaves soggy, and the airtight container will prevent excess air circulation, slowing the wilting process. This method will keep your lettuce fresh for almost 10 days, so be sure to eat your greens before then!



When we buy fruits, it’s tempting to just wash everything at once, then put them in the fridge. However, Tracy Olgeaty Gensler doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Instead, of washing your berries all together,only rinse them right before eating. Wetness encourages mold growth and makes them spoil quicker.


Watch the video below for more tips!

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