Kids Dab Their Way Through The Trauma Of Being Stuck On A Rollercoaster

What do you do when you’re scared? Some people sing to themselves. Others experience nervous laughter. If you’re normal, you’ll probably just cry hysterically. Whatever you do, you’ve simply got to find something that works for you in even the most high pressure situations.1

A couple of kids have shown a brilliant tactic for combating fear that is absolute gold. Dancing your worries away goes back in history to the Ancient Egyptians and the Native Americans. Evil spirits dart away at the sight of super sick moves – it’s just a fact. Some kids managed to put a modern twist on this dated tradition while stuck in a particularly terrifying situation. It seems that dabbing isn’t just great for rap groups and sports teams, it’s great at keeping yourself calm.

One roller coaster cart at the Sea World in Sydney got stuck mid-ride. Eight passengers were stuck on a slope in high winds for about 45 minutes. Again, if this were me, I would be terrified, but clearly I don’t have the moves these kids do.

Despite the horrifying conditions, the kidos kept their spirits up, laughing, smiling, and waving at the news-copters that circled them. It seems that the dabbing they did really calmed them down. Even a couple of the passengers dabbed for the cameras. Just look at the guy in the black shirt.


The ride, called “The Storm Coaster”, has experienced these problems before. In mid-2015, the ride malfunctioned three times leaving park-goers stranded on the top. A spokesperson for the park claimed in this case: “a sensor fault occurred, leading to the ride’s safety systems being engaged.” They then added “highly trained staff ensured the safest outcome was achieved with the guests led down the stairs to ground level without incident.”

Luckily the kids were safely taken off the ride without any worry. Thanks to their spirit lifting dance moves, the kids seem like they’ll look back on this moment fondly, and now we know what to do in our next scary situation.


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