Landlord Says A Room Has Been Kept A Secret For 70 Years, Then She Finds It Hidden In The Attic

Can you imagine finding a totally hidden room in your home? It may seem weird, but that’s just what happened to one lady. Back in 2013, a Norwegian student moved into a rented house.

At the time, the landlord did mention that there was a hidden room somewhere. Of course, she and her housemates were eager to find it.


After searching for a long time, they found the hidden room, which was actually in part of the attic. The room held secrets that were more than 70 years old!

When you see the pictures for yourself, they will blow you away. This has to be one of the weirdest things anyone ever found in their home.

At the back of the attic space, there was a panel that the students managed to kick backward. Inside, they found a totally closed off room.

The room was actually a World War II hideout, where people would have been kept hidden away from Nazi soldiers.


It’s unbelievable to think that people actually lived in such a tiny space as this, but it was a reality for many jews at the time.

The sign that the students found on the door read “If you have a bad stomach, you do not have access” in Norwegian.

Once they were inside the room, they found everyday items, such as an alarm and a table. It must have been a family who hid here all those years ago.

There was also a tiny white shoe on the floor, which appeared as though it had belonged to a doll. That means that there were also children in the room.


For 70 long years, no one had gone into the room at all. It was strange for the students to see that everything was still intact.

Although they did not know what happened to the family, it was fascinating to see that people had once lived here. Though we all know the stories, seeing real life evidence of it brought it closer to home than ever.

Here are some creepy things found in hidden rooms:

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