Learn How To Keep Avocados From Browning With One Easy Trick!

Avocados: everyone’s favorite fruit (except for maybe this little baby). The final layer on a toasty BLT, the finishing touch on a crisp summer salad, the essential element to a bowl full of guacamole – this ingredient can do no wrong!

However, avocados do have the tendency to be the cause of a bad case of annoyance. How many times have you sliced into the ripe fruit, used half of the, returned the untouched portion to the fridge only to find that a few hours later, that once freshly green produce has turned on you, now a murky brown unappetizing mess?!

While the browning is just a result of oxidation and fully edible, if you’re like me, a brown avocado is one that I want no part of.

Thankfully, Brent Rose from About.com offers five different methods to prevent your avocados from turning brown. Some of these suggestions you may have heard before, but others are not so common and definitely worth a shot!

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