Local Woman Creates A ‘Blessing Box’ To Help Neighbors In Need Get Through Tough Times


Living in a small town, you get to know your neighbors quite well. You see each other at the store, at the back, your kids attend the same schools. Through the years, you grow into good friends. In times of need, you can always count on your friends. Jeannette Presley created something called the “Blessing Box” for her neighborhood in Muncie, Indiana.

It is quite an unassuming small black cabinet that rests on a piece of wood and a cinder block. It contains basic toiletries and non-perishable food items.The Blessing Box gives people the chance to help each other anonymously through tough financial times. It also gives the person who took from the box when they needed help to return the favor!

Check out the video!

Jeannette hopes that the idea takes off and that local churches pick up on the notion and start a box of their own. Share away, people!


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