Man Dies After Trying To Implant A Tennis Ball In His Testicle Sack While On Bath Salts


Bath salts, a drug which causes paranoia and hallucinations, took the life of a man on Monday – but it wasn’t actually the drugs that killed him. Bruce Riley, 33, used to be a very large man before he for he had gastric bypass surgery last year, according to his family. In 10 months, he amazingly lost over 350 pounds. However, the quick weight loss left him with pounds of saggy skin.

Friends of Riley say what bothered him the most, was not that his arm or legs sagged, but that he had lost so much “weight” in his testicles that they sagged nearly 6 inches to his mid thigh. “He’d always call himself ‘Hallow sack.’ It was like he would always make fun of himself on purpose, but he was really covering up his pain,” said Rick Smith, a close friend of Riley. “So when I heard that he tried to insert tennis balls into his scrotum, I wasn’t surprised. I was more surprised about the drugs.”

Police say they were called to Riley’s residence around 1:30 PM when he made a 911 call to operators. Shelley Price, the 911 operator who answered the call, said he sounded truly desperate. “He told me his ‘nut sack was bleeding’ and he needed help and he thought he was high,” said Price. “Then he went into detail about how he used a razor and pliers to cut himself and insert the tennis ball. That was the worst 911 call I ever took.”

When police arrived, they found Riley unresponsive, covered in blood and surrounded by food. They transported Riley to the emergency room, but he was pronounced dead on arrival. Upon examination, doctors found the tennis ball lodged in Riley’s scrotum and he tested positive for Cathinone a.k.a Bath Salts. Doctors say there were several factors that contributed to his cause of death, two of them being loss of blood and hypovolemic shock. Riley left behind a dog named Sparky.


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