Man From Germany Writes Own, Very Honest Obituary


This 65-year-old deceased man from Trier, Germany wrote his own obituary and his blunt honesty is what brought a smile to the faces of readers of the local newspaper, Trierischer Volksfreund.

Hubert Martini
(open, honest and unforgiving)

born on 11/3/1951 in Trier,
died on 6/24/2016 in Trier

hereby sign off from life.

I had a good life, but it was overshadowed by many illnesses. The last one was unfortunately invincible. I got to know and love a wonderful woman, with whom I fathered a good son, and received a gift of two lovely grandchildren.

Actually, I had intended to spend some more time with Hiltrud but that wasn’t to be I guess. Well, despite everything, it was a good life. I would like to thank the few friends who have always been there for me at different stages in my life. You’ll now stand by Hiltrud and Dirk. A special thanks to Birgit and Hans, Eva and to all who have not been mentioned by name here, but know they were meant. Many are not.

Thanks also to my Turkish friend Mustafa – the insight into his (what will most likely forever remain partly foreign to me) family culture, wasn’t always painless for me. But he was honest with me. And openness and honesty have always been very important to me. I have hurt some people with it – and that was a good thing.

One last word: I was a convinced atheist, and have stayed that way.

So at the farewell ceremony on Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 in Ruheforst Losheim-Britten at 11am no funeral clothing, no crosses or other open or hidden religious symbols. If you bring flowers, then please just yellow and orange lilies that don’t have a strong odor.

Monetary donations to: Hospice Trier e.V. IBAN: DE 77 5855 0130 0000 2121 00.

I forbid the participation of the other five children of my parents, their partners and offspring in this celebration. You are all uninvited!


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