Man Gets Teeth Kicked Out After Attempting Sex With Horse


An Alabama man is recovering from a concussion and missing teeth after he was kicked in the face by his neighbor’s horse. However, 57-year-old Harold Willoughby is not considered the victim in this case after he allegedly tried to have sex with a horse named Buckums.

Buckums owner, William Forsythe, said he saw Willoughby entering his property but was not alarmed since he often comes over to borrow tools. “I saw Harry come on my property and I figured he was comin’ to get somethin’ like a tool or what not,” said Forsyth. “But little did I know he was coming to ‘drop off a tool’ straight into my horse’s badunkadonk. Haha but he got what was comin’ to him! I don’t feel one bit sorry for him.”

Forsyth said he became alarmed when he heard a commotion coming from the stables. He heard a loud scream, followed by the horses neighing. He knew if Buckums was making noise, there was something definitely wrong. According to the police report, Forsyth entered the stables to find Willoughby with a bloody nose and mouth with his pants around his ankles. That’s when he immediately called 911.

Willoughby was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a concussion, and loose, broken teeth were removed. He received 23 stitches in his gums and mouth. Willoughby was unable to give a statement due to his injuries. According to the investigation, Buckums kicked Willoughby before he was able to make penetration. The horse was unharmed.


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